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Astronomers Find First Earth-Sized Planet That Could Support Life!
NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope has discovered the first Earth-sized planet in the habitable zone of another star. The habitable zone is the region around a star in which planets are capable of supporting liquid water at their surface. This region is sometimes referred to as the Goldilocks zone because it defines the area where the conditions are not too hot or too cold, but “just right” for planets to support water on the surface. The discovery Kepler-186f confirms that planets of Earth’s size exist in the habitable zone of stars other than our Sun. It also marks a significant step forward in finding other planets similar to our own.
Read more about the exciting discovery of Kepler-186f here: http://www.nasa.gov/ames/kepler/nasas-kepler-discovers-first-earth-size-planet-in-the-habitable-zone-of-another-star/index.html#.U1BDx6ZLtFt
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Sarah Lucas, Cherub. Cherub, 2006
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Valerie Hegarty
Sinking Ship (2012)

Inspired by the current political climate and Edgar Allen Poe’s short story “The Malestrom”, half a clipper ship painting seems to have hit a storm and is falling off the edge of the painting frame (or the world) dripping water or paint on the floor. The materials of the painting are now turning into the structure of the boat, with the canvas becoming sails and the stretcher bars becoming a mast.